Friday, March 18, 2011

French Pleated-Grommet Panels

Do you like the look of traditional pleated panels but would like to update the style for a more modern interior?  This drapery style combines both tried-and-true French Pleats with sleek Grommets to create a traditional panel with a contemporary edge.

Here's how:

1. Make a drapery panel with a buckram heading.  Allow for 6 grommets and three 5 to 6 inch pleats for each width.

2. Determine grommet placement, cut holes and set the grommets, leaving space for the pleats to be sewn in-between.

3. Sew in the pleats from the top to the bottom of the buckram and tack to create any pleat style such as French (shown here), Goblet or Euro styles.  Install on decorative hardware just as you would for a flat grommet panel.

This style offers a very small stackback on the window, perfect for situations where there is not much room for traversing draperies.  One width stacks back to approximately 4" and when pulled out on the pole covers approximately 20".  Like with flat grommet panels, a baton should be used if the draperies will be traversed on the pole.  This will make traversing easier and prevent the fabric from being stretched or soiled.

This French Pleated-Grommet Panel features EZ-Set™ Matte Nickel Grommets #GE12/T and 4" Heavy Weight, Iron-On Buckram #BXA44 from Rowley Company.