Thursday, October 22, 2009

Free Webinars

Be the first to sign up for two new FREE webinars from Rowley Company.

The first webinar will show how to assemble and use the new EZ-Rig Soft Shade System followed by a webinar all about Shade Safety Products.

Multiple dates are being offered to fit into more busy schedules. Register now by clicking on "Webinars" at the bottom of the Rowley Company website homepage.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shaped Tiebacks

Tiebacks are a beautiful and often practical way to accent drapery panels. They can be used to hold back short kitchen curtains or as a way to shape full-length draperies into a dramatic draping statement in a living room, dining room or foyer. Imagine the possibilities for childrens rooms by adding trims, ruffles and even embroidery. Even the most simple drapery panels can be customized with decorative shaped tiebacks.

This interlined, shaped tieback is embellished with micro welt cord and knife pleated ruffles.

Workroom photo showing a cresent shaped leopard tieback. Heavy bump interlining, welt cord and iron-on-adhesive web are used give a soft structure. Imagine this tieback as an accent to solid khaki or black draperies.

Tiebacks can be cut with a soft curve, cresent or V-shape along the top. Shaping the tieback prevents it from binding the drapery panel at a sharp, right angle which allows the fabric to drape with a softer appearance.

Visit the Rowley Company website at for instructions on how to make the V-shaped tieback pictured above, including a product list and pattern.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Measuring Technology

Laser Measuring tools are accurate and much easier to use than the usual tape measure. With a click of a button you can record window sizes for shades, shutters or soft treatments or room sizes to determine square footage for flooring or wallpaper. A laser measuring tool is a must-have for commercial projects when measuring multiple rooms and windows, you will be amazed at how efficient and fast your measuring will be.

Laser Measuring Tool Plus

This measuring tool has intergrated Bluetooth technology which will transfer measurements to your laptop without wires. Reads in inches, fractional inches and other units from 1' up to 650'. Accurate to 0.06".

Laser Measuring Tool D3

Simple and easy to use. Reads in inches, fractional inches and other units from 1' to 328'. Accurate to 0.04". Quickly calculates square footage when measuring for shutters, wall area, room dimensions and more. Rounds measurements to nearest 1/8", 1/16" & 1/32".