Monday, November 28, 2011

Cornice Board for Teen's Room

Looking for a top treatment idea for a teenagers room?  This cornice is perfect for any age but the bright pink painted crown molding, trendy dot fabric and crisp white buttons with matching pink borders makes it "way cool". 

The cornice box was made from plywood and painted white. This is one way to finish the inside of a cornice board, lining material can also be attached to the back.  The holes have already been pre-drilled for the buttons... more on that in a moment.
Crown molding is nailed to the top of the cornice board and painted pink. A coordinating twist braid is glued next to the crown molding.

The fabric is placed face down next to the decorative cord and tack strip is used to keep a crisp edge as the fabric is stapled.  Tack strip is a great little industry secret!
In this photo you can see how neat the join is between the fabric and the twist cord. Cornice board padding or interlining can be added to the face of the board depending on the desired look: flat or soft and poufy.
Button borders from Finestra Decorative Hardware are painted to match the crown molding.  Covered buttons are glued into the borders.

After the cornice board was covered the buttons were tied to a cord which was threaded from the front to the back with a long upholstery needle.  The pre-drilled holes make this step easy!  The cord is stapled on the back to secure the buttons.  Note the pink gimp braid trim which was used to cover the trail of staples on the back.
The finished cornice!