Friday, September 30, 2011

Simple Storage Solutions

Here are a few of our favorite storage tips for the drapery and upholstery workroom.
Staple cloth tool belts to the frame of your worktable to store commonly used items like scissors, tape measures, pencils and seam rippers.
John Quine, Brook Design in Lancashire, UK shared this clever idea.  John recycled thread cones into a neat and tidy scissor storage area.

Use potholders to store large upholstery needles.  The little hanging loop will allow you to keep them handy at your work area.
Gather up fabric on shirring tape and staple to the wooden frame, or sew rod pocket panels and add 3/8" brass rods with brackets to your utility tables to keep supplies hidden and free from dust.
To keep cardboard tack strip neat and tidy, add an X of hot melt glue or masking tape across one side.  No more tangled tack strip.
Use small storage bins with compartments to keep button forms, small sized grommets and hardware components organized.  Plus you will be able to see when stock is getting low at a quick glance.