Monday, June 27, 2011

Joann Wieberdink shared this recent kitchen project of combination cornices and soft shades.  Joann, owner of Couture Creations in Kellyville, OK created these unique window treatments for Denise Designs.  They feature banded accent cornices for panels and relaxed Romans. 

This project was a challenge for Joann, who shared this story with us...

 "I took the sketch of the designs to Vision 2011.  Laurie (Medford) is the one who helped me with the construction of the small center cornice pieces in the long relaxed roman shades.  She told me to use FirmaFlex and to just attach it to the mount board.  

I had no idea how to do those center pieces and had spent most of one sleepless night agonizing over it. When she said, "just screw it into the mount board" it was like a light went off in my head.  IT COULDN'T BE THAT EASY!!!  But it was.  

All the cornice pieces on the long  treatment are FirmFlex.  I love that stuff and so does my husband who cut it for me.  THANKS! LAURIE AND ROWLEY!" 

We think the end results are fabulous!  Thanks Joann for sharing your project with us.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Grommet Pillow to Share

We are excited to share another pillow using the plastic grommets from Rowley Company.  This design features an inset panel of material outlined with Micro Welt Cord and Antique Copper color Triangle Plastic Grommets.  A handsome and unique design.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Everyone Loves this Pillow!

This pillow is one of the most popular new designs created around Rowley Company lately.

Everyone that see's it wants to take it home. Custom details like grommets, belt straps and the fun modern fabric make it clever and unique.

If you are looking for a summer project to share with your children or grandchildren, this pillow is easy to make and requires only basic sewing skills.

Of course, the basic idea could be enhanced with your own talents and skills to include metal grommets, welt cord, ruffles or fringe in the seams.  Imagine this on a rectangular pillow sham or a round accent pillow.  Using materials like leather, fur, velvet and metal grommets would create an entirely different and eclectic look.

Here are the step-by-step details:

Materials and Supplies:
1 18" x 18" pillow such as PJ18
6 Plastic Grommets GPT15 in the color of your choice
1/2 yard fabric for front and back
1/2 yard fabric for straps and to reveal in grommet holes

Cutting and Sewing:
Cut front and back pieces 18" x 18".
Cut 1 contrast piece 18" x 18" and 6 pieces 4" x 7"

Mark grommet holes 3" from top, bottom and side edges on the pillow front.

Cut three grommet holes along one side and then fold the material over to mark the holes for the opposite side.

Add plastic grommets.  These grommets are easy to press together by hand with no special tools required.  For a long-lasting join, add glue around the neck of the grommet before snapping together.

Place the pillow front over the contrast piece. 

Sew together long edges of the strap pieces and press with the seam centered along the back.

Put the straps through the grommets from the front to the back, with the seam down and pin in place.  Sew around the edges to secure the front piece, contrast piece and straps in place.
Place the back piece face down over the face, pin and sew around the edges.  Turn right sides out and press the edges with an iron.

Stuff the pillow insert into the pillow and hand sew closed.  A zipper could also be used.

And to keep this cute pillow company, another grommet pillow with a daisy design.