Friday, May 25, 2012

Ruched Headings

Ruched headings are often used in formal living or dining rooms.  When made from silk fabric ruched panels create a dramatic, ball-gown drapery design like the beautiful examples shown below.

But ruched headings can also be used for valances, shades or shower curtains.

 The shower curtain below features a ruched heading. 
A large ruffle is sewn into the top of the shower curtain.
A tacking gun is used to create the ruching.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Custom Sewing Institute

 Thank you to Custom Sewing Institute for using Rowley products in the classes at CSI Camp March 9-11, 2012.   This years event had a circus theme and was described as the Greatest Hands-On Event on Earth!  The photo above shows attendees with their beautiful headboard samples.  

For more information about CSI events visit

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pillows with Split-Mitered Flange

We love the pillows shown in the May 2012 Issue of Traditional Home Magazine (“On the Line Design” pages 123 -131).  Designer Megan Perry Yorganicioglu uses the simplicity of color blocking and tailored flanges to accent plump knife edge pillows.

The same style of flanged pillow is used for Euro shams in the Master Bedroom.


But did you notice something different?  Take a closer look at the corners of the flanged pillows.  The flange meets in a miter but each piece is separate.  What a great idea!  When the pillow is filled and karate-chopped the flange creates a playful corner, a custom detail worth paying attention to.


How is this done?  The flange is cut in four separate pieces, with angles sewn at each end.  The flange pieces are then fitted to the pillow front. If the fabric is thin fusible stabilizer or interlining can be added but the corners do get bulky where the flange sections meet, so the flanges should not be too thick. 

To achieve the plump look of the pillows shown in the magazine, use a 10/90 or 25/75 down/feather pillow form. 


If you would like to make a Flange Pillow with a Split-Mitered Flange like this one, a free how-to guide is available on our website.