Monday, November 29, 2010

You Can Teach an Old Shade New Tricks

The 2010 ANSI/WCMA Standards for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products was recently released.  This standard defines what products need to do to comply with the enhanced safety standards.  To learn more about these standards, visit the Window Coverings Manufacturers Association or the Window Coverings Association of America.

To meet the new standards, the Research & Development team at Rowley has created Sure-Shade™Shade Components.  Using these new products, in combination with existing materials and supplies, workrooms will be able to create any style of shade with confidence.

Available in the 2011 Rowley Company Catalog

New Sure-Shade™ Shade Components include:

Lift Band Material A sturdy, yet sheer, 100% poly, 10" wide band for raising and lowering shades

Rib Center Support Rings and End Caps A sew-on ring used to hold fiberglass ribs in place on shades using Lift Band Material.

Encased Lift Cord A shroud tape with lift cord included that replaces cords and rings on shades.

Universal Drive Tension Device Holds bead or cord loops taut and must be installed correctly or renders the shade partially inoperable.  Available in 7 colors.

The benefits of using Sure-Shade™Shade Components include:
- Can be used for any style shade including London, Relaxed, Ribbed or Flat Romans, Balloons, Austrians and more.
- Enhanced safety.
- Cost effective.
- Easy to learn.
- Easy to retro-fit existing shades.
- Can be used for Italian Stringing on draperies.
- Versatile for any project

Roman Shade featuring the Sure-Shade™Shade Lift Band System

Roman shade featuring Encased Lift Cord and the EZ-Rig Shade System

We understand that many workrooms have a large stock of unused shade items and are concerned they will no longer be able to use them to fabricate shades.  With the new Sure-Shade™Shade Components, most of the previous shade items will still be used including lift systems like EZ-Rig™ Shade System, Soft Shade Traversing Clutch, Roller Clutch and Roller Spring.  Other stock items like orbs, rings, bead chain loop, ribs, rib tape and more will also be handy for making the the new, safer shades.
To learn more about the new products, including fabrication tips, join us for the FREE webinar, Sure-Shade™ Shade Components on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at 2:00 pm EST or Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 11:00 am EST.  Visit our website to register.

Encased Lift Cord used for a London Shad

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pleated Pillow Design

This pillow features a pretty, pleated surface that is beautiful when made from silk.
To create the pillow, pleat fabric to fit pillow front, allowing extra for seam allowances and take-up.

After the pleated pillow front is secured to the stabilizer, hand stitch the center of each pleat, pulling the thread to the back and knotting in place.

After the pleats are tacked in place, measure and trim off excess to the size needed.  Add welt cord and the pillow back.

Small beads or buttons can be added at the center of each pleat for an added detail.
This pleated design can be used as an inset on larger pillows such as a pillow sham by adding a border around the pleated design.

Printable instructions are available on our website.  From the home page, choose the Innovations & Technical Service tab and then select "How-To's" for step-by-step instructions for this pillow and many other creative ideas.