Monday, December 20, 2010

Look for the 2011 Rowley Company catalog, which will begin showing up in mailboxes in January.  

In the 2011 catalog, you will find an abundance of exciting new products including our patent pending Sure-Shade Shade Components, favorite go-to tools and supplies, plus time-saving Custom Solutions for our traversing drapery hardware and shade lift systems.  

Sign up now to attend the 2011 Catalog Sneak-Peek Party, a free, live, on-line presentation, where we will share what's new, and how the new additions to our catalog can help you in the success of your Design, Drapery, Upholstery or Installation business.  Click the link below to register for the December or January webinar dates. 

2011 Catalog Sneak-Peek Party 
December 21, 2010 at 11:00 am EST

2011 Catalog Sneak-Peek Party 
January 6, 2011 at 11:00 am EST  

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free Seminars from Rowley Company

Detail from a project included in the "Make Your Own Upholstered Seating Cube" webinar.
Did you know that since 2009, Rowley Company has offered FREE monthly online seminars?  Attending a webinar is easy and convenient and the live presentations offer a unique opportunity to interact with the experts from Rowley in real time.  Learn valuable information about shade safety,  step-by-step fabrication methods, design ideas, trends, hardware, how-to use products, and time saving tips and techniques.
Photo from "Cornice Board Construction from Start to Finish" webinar.
Our webinars cover a variety of topics for the professional drapery or upholstery workroom, interior designer or decorator, installer or anyone in the home decorating industry.  If you are new, and would like to learn more, attending a webinar will give you a sneak-peek behind the scenes of how custom soft furnishings are created, installed and designed, and other  information that can help you start your own business.  
Photo showing steps for adding a zipper the "All About Cushions" webinar.
 Missed a webinar?  You can still enjoy and learn with our recorded webinars, which are available on our website, and can be viewed at a time that is convenient to you.  As always, there is no charge to attend the live or recorded webinars.

Step-by-step photos like this are included in the "Sure-Shade™ Shade Components" webinar.
Recorded webinars include popular topics like All About Pillows, Upholstered Headboards, Clean and Contemporary Ripplefold Panels, Deep Tufting for Upholstery, All About Grommets, Linings and Interlinings and so much more.  Check back often, the list of recorded webinars is growing and is a wonderful resource for your business. 

Learn how to make this pillow with a mitered flange in the recorded webinar "All About Pillows
To learn about our live, monthly webinar topics, or to view a recorded webinar, visit our website and click "webinars" near the bottom of the home page.  If you want to attend a live webinar, be sure to register early, space is limited.

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2011 Catalog Sneak-Peek Party
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Sure-Shade™ Shade Components
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The S-Fold Cording Tip

This tip was shared in the recent webinars "Upholstered Headboards" and "Cornice Board Construction from Start to Finish" and creates a clean edging for cornice boards, head boards or other upholstery projects.  This method is for a self cord where the cording and wide, attached lip are all the same fabric.  Test this method on a small piece first to be sure the fabric you are using is suitable.

Step One: Cut bias strips wide enough to cover the size of welt cord you are using plus several extra inches for pulling and turning under the edge of your project.  Cut enough pieces to trim your project.  Sew bias strips together and press seams open.

Step Two: At the sewing machine, place the bias strip face up and turn over the right edge.  (To determine how much to turn over, test with a piece of welt cord).  Place the welt cord on the folded-over fabric, 1/2" from the right edge.  Wrap the fabric over and sew all together using a cording foot on the sewing machine.

Step Three: After the welt is sewn, there is a clean seam with no stitches showing.  Apply to the edge of your upholstery project with tack strip and staples or hot melt glue.