Friday, February 24, 2012

Jute Webbing in No Longer Undercover


Jute upholstery webbing is commonly used as a base on upholstered furniture seats and headboards. It is extremely strong, durable and when woven together and stretched over a frame creates long-lasting support 
It is available from Rowley Company on 72 yard rolls.

Jute webbing provides a base that is not too rigid yet is extremely strong yet can be sewn through for button tufting
A jute stretcher is used to pull the webbing tight for stapling or nailing.

Jute webbing is no longer undercover!  
We are seeing this affordable and humble product transformed with creative ideas and inspired uses.

 Simple burlap bolsters with jute webbing accents

Tote Bag with Jute Webbing and Buttons

Burlap and jute pillow collection from Better Homes and Gardens

Shabby chic shower curtain and pillow from Burlap Country

We love this idea!  A woven jute webbing floor runner can be customized for any space.
Learn how on the Martha Stewart website 

 Stage curtain manufacturers use jute webbing to reinforce heavy drapery panels but we love this industrial look for loft living, boys rooms, home theaters or that oh-so-special high end garage