Monday, December 28, 2009

Design, Create, Install and Save with Rowley Company

The 2010 Rowley Company catalog features over 400 new products.
Here is a small sample of what's new at Rowley Company:
Micro-Welt Cord, Sewing Machine Needles, Gutterman Thread, Finestra Button Embellishments, Headboard Cleats, Nail Holder, Women's Safety Glasses, EZ-Rig Shade Lift System, R-Equal Commercial Traversing Hardware and much, much more.

There are over 150 items at new, lower prices including hook and loop tape, poly pillow inserts, grommets, angle irons, lift cord, plastic tubing and many other popular supplies for Designers, Workrooms and Installers.

You should start seeing the new catalog in your mailbox soon. If you are not a customer and would like a catalog just give us a call at 1-800-4542

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Grom-A-Link is a grommet designed with a lip and small
hole which allows for attachments.

It can be used for....

Attaching a swag, banner, valance or trims to the front of grommet panels.

Serves as a pleat control system when combined with our bead chain to prevent binding when traversing panels as well as maintaining even spacing when pulled closed.

Allows you to attach a baton to the front or back of the panel to help make operating grommet panel easier as well as protecting the face fabric from wear.

Grom-A-Link is available in seven finishes and two sizes, #12 and #20. When fabricating use the Rowley Company grommet press, dies and cutters.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Video Solutions

If a picture is worth a thousand words then what is a video worth? Rowley Company has an extensive online video library showing everything from how to use tools to time saving tips.

These helpful videos are popular with our customers because it saves them time in determining what would be the best tool, drapery or upholstery supply to use for upcoming projects. It is also a good way to see a product before you purchase and to learn about new products.

This week the studio was a flurry of activity. Many of the videos filmed were for new products which are featured in the 2010 Rowley Company catalog.

Be sure to check out the Video Solutions on the Rowley Company website and enjoy!

Dutch and Elvis behind the cameras.

Susan Schurz preparing for another video segment.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Fringe Adhesive

Rowley Company Fringe Adhesive is a popular product for applying trims and also for basting fabrics together prior to sewing. It was created by Rowley Company and is safe, non-toxic and fume free. Fringe Adhesive dries clear and remains flexible. It can also be used on fabric edges to prevent fraying on laminated shades or velvets.

Fringe Adhesive is water based and cannot be subjected to freezing tempatures prior to use. If you are a workroom check your stock now before the tempature outside is too cold for shipping.

There is a video on the Rowley Company website showing how to use Fringe Adhesive for basting. This speeds up sewing because there are no pins to remove and also prevents materials from puckering or riding up.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Table Runner and Placemat

Decorate the Thanksgiving table with new placemats, napkins and table runner. Step-by-step instructions can be found on our website. These types of items are a great way to combine fabrics and trims to coordinate with dining room and kitchen window treatments and can make a great add-on sales.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shade Products

Rowley Company has all the products needed to create any type of custom shade. 

Shade operating systems include the simple cord lock to the Soft Shade Clutch System and the new EZ-Rig Shade System, a self-contained stationary drive system with individual, lifting drums.

Other shade products include ribs and rib tape, cord condensers, spacers, screw eyes, cord cleats, warning tags, grommets, linings, weight bar and one of the most handy devices, the orb.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Decorative Drapery Headings

Knife and Box Pleats can be added along the top of a drapery heading. This detail can turn an average drapery panel into an extraordinary one with only a few extra steps. The secret is to apply Rowley Company's Fusible Stabilizer behind the pleated section. The stabilizer will provide a backing that is both soft and secure. After the pleating is stabilized continue with your panel fabrication as usual. In the photo's below are two examples of pleated headings using the Fusible Stabilizer.

Fusible Stabilizer is a 100% polyester fabric with iron-on adhesive on one side. It is 60" wide and is available in White-FB10, Ivory-FB11, Tan-FB12 and Black-FB13. Fuse to the back of fabrics using a steam iron set at medium heat.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Free Webinars

Be the first to sign up for two new FREE webinars from Rowley Company.

The first webinar will show how to assemble and use the new EZ-Rig Soft Shade System followed by a webinar all about Shade Safety Products.

Multiple dates are being offered to fit into more busy schedules. Register now by clicking on "Webinars" at the bottom of the Rowley Company website homepage.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shaped Tiebacks

Tiebacks are a beautiful and often practical way to accent drapery panels. They can be used to hold back short kitchen curtains or as a way to shape full-length draperies into a dramatic draping statement in a living room, dining room or foyer. Imagine the possibilities for childrens rooms by adding trims, ruffles and even embroidery. Even the most simple drapery panels can be customized with decorative shaped tiebacks.

This interlined, shaped tieback is embellished with micro welt cord and knife pleated ruffles.

Workroom photo showing a cresent shaped leopard tieback. Heavy bump interlining, welt cord and iron-on-adhesive web are used give a soft structure. Imagine this tieback as an accent to solid khaki or black draperies.

Tiebacks can be cut with a soft curve, cresent or V-shape along the top. Shaping the tieback prevents it from binding the drapery panel at a sharp, right angle which allows the fabric to drape with a softer appearance.

Visit the Rowley Company website at for instructions on how to make the V-shaped tieback pictured above, including a product list and pattern.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Measuring Technology

Laser Measuring tools are accurate and much easier to use than the usual tape measure. With a click of a button you can record window sizes for shades, shutters or soft treatments or room sizes to determine square footage for flooring or wallpaper. A laser measuring tool is a must-have for commercial projects when measuring multiple rooms and windows, you will be amazed at how efficient and fast your measuring will be.

Laser Measuring Tool Plus

This measuring tool has intergrated Bluetooth technology which will transfer measurements to your laptop without wires. Reads in inches, fractional inches and other units from 1' up to 650'. Accurate to 0.06".

Laser Measuring Tool D3

Simple and easy to use. Reads in inches, fractional inches and other units from 1' to 328'. Accurate to 0.04". Quickly calculates square footage when measuring for shutters, wall area, room dimensions and more. Rounds measurements to nearest 1/8", 1/16" & 1/32".

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finestra Decorative Hardware

Rowley Company is proud to offer Finestra Decorative Hardware, a custom collection of finials, pole rods, brackets, end caps, medallions, holdbacks and more.

Finestra Decorative Hardware is available in 36 beautiful hand rubbed finishes to compliment any style of decor. Even with all those choices you may still need a custom color match and the talented artists at Finestra Decorative Hardware are ready to help create the perfect color for your interior design project.

One of the most popular styles of window treatment to use with decorative hardware are draperies on pole rods with rings and finials but many other window treatment designs incorporate decorative hardware. Medallions can be used to add a creative custom touch to valances and swags and decorative hardware elements can also be incorporated into cornice boards, bed coronas and headboards.

Finestra Decorative Hardware is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Each piece is carefully finished by hand.

For more information visit

or call 1-888-443-8182 or 1-800-343-4542.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All Zipped Up

Rowley Company now has invisible zippers on the roll for use in pillows, duvets and cushions. Detailed instructions for working with all zippers including how to install the zipper slides and tips for sewing zippers are available on our website under "Product Instructions".

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Button Embellishments

Now available in stock.
Custom-made button embellishments in Pewter, Theater Antique Gold or Old World Gold finishes. Options include a molded in sew-on eye or pin-on clasp. The perfect luxurious detail for pillows, drapery panels, headboards or valances. Measures 1 3/8" diameter.

Sew-on Button Stock #FN1205BT
Pin-on Clasp FN1205P
Please Specify Color:
PT=Pewter, TAG = Theater Antique Gold, OWG = Old World Gold

Monday, August 31, 2009

New Pillow Sizes from Rowley Company

Rowley Company has two new rectangular down/feather pillow sizes; 14" x 26" and 18" x 34". These shapes have a pleasing proportion and are the perfect addition to the center of a sofa or decorating a bed alone or in pairs. Filled with 10% white goose down and 90% white goose feather the forms will keep a firm and plump appearance.

The pillow pictured is the 18" x 34" form, covered with silk taffeta on a queen size bed. Fabrication details include bias flange with gathered corners and tied closure.

To learn more about the many pillow forms available visit the Rowley Company website at

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