Monday, November 2, 2009

Decorative Drapery Headings

Knife and Box Pleats can be added along the top of a drapery heading. This detail can turn an average drapery panel into an extraordinary one with only a few extra steps. The secret is to apply Rowley Company's Fusible Stabilizer behind the pleated section. The stabilizer will provide a backing that is both soft and secure. After the pleating is stabilized continue with your panel fabrication as usual. In the photo's below are two examples of pleated headings using the Fusible Stabilizer.

Fusible Stabilizer is a 100% polyester fabric with iron-on adhesive on one side. It is 60" wide and is available in White-FB10, Ivory-FB11, Tan-FB12 and Black-FB13. Fuse to the back of fabrics using a steam iron set at medium heat.

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