Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How-To: Inset Banding with a Mitered Corner

1. Cut fabric pieces finished banding size x 2.  Press raw edges together on the reverse side.
2. Line up bands square on the worktable, stabbing pins along the banding to hold it in place.  Allow ends to overlap at least 1/2".
3. Turn under edge of the top banding piece forming a mitered corner that is square and true.  
4. Press in a crease at the mitered corner with an iron.
5. Lift up the creased edge and apply a small amount of Rowley Fringe Adhesive or Iron-On Bonding Tape, apply to bottom banding and set adhesive using a hot iron.
6. After adhesive is set unfold banding.
7.  Gently unfold banding so that the right sides of each banding piece are face-to-face.  After banding is unfolded there will be a crease line, this is the stitch line.  It is marked in the photo below.  Sew on this line using a small stitch.
8. After sewing trim away excess fabric leaving a small seam allowance.
9. Turn banding right sides out and press with an iron.
10. Apply the banding to the project by hand sewing, machine sewing or by using Fringe Adhesive or the Iron-On Bonding Tape.

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  1. are the strips of fabric cut on the bias?