Thursday, July 15, 2010

Patterns Matching Tip

Can you see it? 
It's there. 
Right in front of you in plain sight.

A Perfect Pattern Match

An invisible pattern match is key to creating quality window treatments, bedding and upholstery.  A good pattern match may be visible upon close inspection but a bad pattern match is visible from across the room.  In fact, a bad pattern match or pattern placement can be so distracting it can ruin an otherwise lovely design.

Here are some tips for creating a perfect pattern match...FAST!

Begin by examining the fabric and determining how much needs to be turned under along the selvage edge to create a match with the joining piece.  Press under the edge, down the length of material that you are matching.

On the under side of the fold, add narrow width Iron-On Bonding Tape along the very edge, next to the fold.  Remove the release paper and place the edge over the other piece of fabric lining up the pattern.

Rowley Company Fringe Adhesive can also be used instead of the Iron-On Bonding Tape.  Place small dots of Fringe Adhesive along the fold on the reverse side. 

When using any adhesive product, test first.

Line up the patterns so that they match and press the join with a steam iron to set the adhesive.

After the match has been created take the fabric to the sewing machine and stitch in the crease from the wrong side.  The adhesive prevents the fabric from puckering or stretching as you sew.

Once the seam has been sewn serge off the selvage edge.  The match is finished. Press from the front to flatten the seam.

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