Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pet Beds

Custom pet bedding is a hot trend, from small upholstered settee's to large, over-stuffed cushions, luxury bedding can be created for your customers homes and for their pets.  Most pet beds are square or round boxed cushions.  Details such as ruffles or appliques can make pet beds a conversation piece and helps them to fit smartly into the room decor. 

When creating pet beds, pre-wash fabrics and serge all seams for longer wear.  Add zippers or hook & loop closures so the covers can be removed for cleaning.  Create a soft, cozy bed by using Poly Cluster Fill (PJ90) or Pillow Stuffing Fiber (PF90) which is available in large, 10 lbs bags, covering with a durable fabric like canvas.

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Add ruffled and match the room decor with elegant fabrics.
Photo courtesy of Susan W. Schurz

A very simple pillow is used with a small, iron daybed.

Fun prints in faux fur will delight your pet.

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