Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The S-Fold Cording Tip

This tip was shared in the recent webinars "Upholstered Headboards" and "Cornice Board Construction from Start to Finish" and creates a clean edging for cornice boards, head boards or other upholstery projects.  This method is for a self cord where the cording and wide, attached lip are all the same fabric.  Test this method on a small piece first to be sure the fabric you are using is suitable.

Step One: Cut bias strips wide enough to cover the size of welt cord you are using plus several extra inches for pulling and turning under the edge of your project.  Cut enough pieces to trim your project.  Sew bias strips together and press seams open.

Step Two: At the sewing machine, place the bias strip face up and turn over the right edge.  (To determine how much to turn over, test with a piece of welt cord).  Place the welt cord on the folded-over fabric, 1/2" from the right edge.  Wrap the fabric over and sew all together using a cording foot on the sewing machine.

Step Three: After the welt is sewn, there is a clean seam with no stitches showing.  Apply to the edge of your upholstery project with tack strip and staples or hot melt glue.

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