Monday, June 27, 2011

Joann Wieberdink shared this recent kitchen project of combination cornices and soft shades.  Joann, owner of Couture Creations in Kellyville, OK created these unique window treatments for Denise Designs.  They feature banded accent cornices for panels and relaxed Romans. 

This project was a challenge for Joann, who shared this story with us...

 "I took the sketch of the designs to Vision 2011.  Laurie (Medford) is the one who helped me with the construction of the small center cornice pieces in the long relaxed roman shades.  She told me to use FirmaFlex and to just attach it to the mount board.  

I had no idea how to do those center pieces and had spent most of one sleepless night agonizing over it. When she said, "just screw it into the mount board" it was like a light went off in my head.  IT COULDN'T BE THAT EASY!!!  But it was.  

All the cornice pieces on the long  treatment are FirmFlex.  I love that stuff and so does my husband who cut it for me.  THANKS! LAURIE AND ROWLEY!" 

We think the end results are fabulous!  Thanks Joann for sharing your project with us.

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