Friday, October 28, 2011

It's All About the Details

Window treatment designs will turn into one-of-a-kind creations with the addition of custom touches.  
From pattern placement to hand pleated ruffles and other embellishments: it's all about the details.

Seam together fabric and lining, matching patterns.  Cut valance to shape and place face up on lining which is face down on the work table.
Detail: Pattern matching and pattern placement.
Sew bias banding to the bottom edge and press neatly with an iron.  Turn banding to the reverse side and fold under, hiding the seam.  Finish the banding by sewing or using an adhesive product.
Detail: Beautiful finished edge and mixing stripes and prints.

The ends of the valance are gathered or small pleats can be used.  A horn is created in the "up" portion of the scallop shape along the bottom of the valance.   The valance is ready to mount to the board.
Detail: The fabric design is highlighted in the style.
Box pleated ruffle is stapled to the front of the mounting board.
Detail: Hand pleated ruffles add texture and interest along the top of the valance.
A welt cord detail is added.
Detail: Repeating the stripe fabric and creating a beautiful join between the valance and ruffle.
The valance is placed face down and stapled with tack strip.  When it flips over, the welt cord and ruffle will be above.  Detail: Using an upholstery technique to create a beautiful finish.
Rosettes are made from leftover pleated ruffle and stapled at the top of each horn.
Detail: Rosettes add drama!
A piece of shade lift cord is stapled in the center, and a button embellishment is threaded onto the cord.
Detail: Buttons add a couture touch.
Tie the cord tight to hold the button in place.  Detail: Custom painted buttons from Finestra Decorative Hardware.
The proportions are perfect for this tall window with a transom.
Detail: A scale drawing was created to ensure good proportions.

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