Friday, April 6, 2012

Making Color-Blocked Draperies

The nursery makeover continues with a window treatment and decorator JoAnne Lenart-Weary has a great idea!  "Let's treat the window and closet door opening as one". 

The next task is choosing a window treatment style.  This is a boy's room so ruffles and frills are not part of the plan.  The parents also requested that the room be designed so that it would grow-up with their new son and not be too baby-looking for a toddler or first grader. JoAnne and Susan Woodcock, who will be fabricating the window treatment discussed the options.  The decision was made to use three solid color fabrics to create a functional drapery.  Several top treatment ideas were considered such as a cornice or a box pleated valance, but in the end the best option was to use decorative hardware to keep the corner from feeling too crowded.

A grommet drapery heading was chosen because the smaller stack-back will fit into the tight corner between the door and window.  The three fabrics were sewn together for each panel; green, red and blue in equal sections (when cutting add for hems, headings and seams).   In the photo below one of the color-blocked panels is being measured before adding the lining.


After the drapery panels are lined and hems and finished the #15 plastic, snap-together grommets from Rowley Company are set into the heading.


The draperies will be installed on Aria decorative hardware with a black finish.

You may have noticed that we are using a lot of black as an accent in this room.  Black might not seem like a "baby" color but the use of black in this room helps to balance out the 4 foot by 6 foot chalkboard dominating one wall.  The father-to-be, Mike Williams is a school teacher so he loved this idea!  The chalk board was painted on the wall with special chalk board paint and framed with wood upholstered in the stripe fabric used elsewhere in the room.

Stay tuned for more updates as the nursery continues to be decorated, and join us on April 17 and 19 for two live, webinar presentations showing decorating and fabrication details.  Click here to register: Bringing Home Baby

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