Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cabinet Curtains

Simple curtains can be added to glass front cabinets to hide clutter or as a way to soften and add texture or pattern to the room. Installing inside cabinetry can be a challenge as there is not much room for the hardware to project.  One solution is to use simple barrel style, close-fit brackets with 3/8" steel rod.

Another option is to use hook and loop tape.  Rowley Company has a wide variety of hook and loop products including sew-on and pressure sensitive. For very tight projections, pressure sensitive adhesive backed hook strip can be attached inside the cabinet and there is also hook strip available that is attached to a rigid plastic strip which can be screwed into the cabinet.  The loop strip is then sewn on to the curtain and pressed to the hook strip.

Light weight materials work best for cabinet curtains and lining isn't always needed, since light will not shine from behind.  A contrasting color will show off the mullions, or a matching color can be used is you want the curtains to blend in with the cabinetry.

Simple white-on-white curtains cover the bottom half of the cabinet glass.
A bright print fabric adds color to this cabinet.
Sheer material is the perfect choice for cabinet doors.

These cabinets do not have glass, a curtain creates a beautiful texture.  Simple ticking stripe creates a retro feeling. 
Lace create instant cottage charm.
A small pattern on the cabinet curtains compliments the toile drapery and herringbone tile.

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