Monday, January 18, 2010

Micro Welt Cord

Rowley Company now has 4 sizes of Micro Welt Cord (available in the 2010 catalog). This poly/cotton braided cord can be used to add details to seams. It is a great addition to any bias cut or curved edge such as on swags, cascades or scalloped bottom valances. By adding Micro Welt Cord into the seams the edges are much easier to press and it gives a more professional finish.

Micro Welt Cord can also be used as a detail on duvets, tiebacks, table skirts or pillows and can be a pretty accent next to borders, ruffles or button closures.

In the pictures below Micro Welt Cord is used to accent drapery panel designs by adding a pretty edge for an inset pleat, as a simple inset trim, a detail next to a ruffle, adds drama to the seam of a slouched tab style and gives a little touch of color at the top edge of goblet pleats.

The Rowley Company Micro Welt Cord is soft, washable and pure white in color.

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