Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pillow Templates

Rowley Company Pillow Templates save time in the workroom when making square, round or rectangular pillows. There are punched holes at different measurements so that you can mark the perimiter of your pillow quickly and easily.

Made of heavy, transparent plastic the pillow template is a great help when centering pattern motifs and can come in handy for centering a motif for any project including top treatments like box pleated valances.

Standard Square Corner Pillow Template Stock #PF10

Tapered Pillow Template Stock #PF08

Pillows cut using square template (left) and tapered template (right).

There are two styles of pillow templates; square corners or tapered corners. Shown is a sample of identical size pillows made using the square template and the tapered template. By cutting with tapered corners the pillow keeps a smoother shape without pointed corners which are referred to as "Dog Ears" in the industry.

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