Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Roman Shade with Scalloped Hem

This pretty shade features a scalloped bottom edge with trim.  

The shaped hem was made using the Rowley Company Fusible Stabilizer on the materials before it was sewn and cut.  After the scalloped shape was turned right sides out a piece of Iron-On Adhesive Web, cut in the same shape, was placed inside and it was all ironed to give a crisp finish that still has a soft appearance.  The finished scalloped edge is sewn together with the face fabric, trim and lining at the bottom.

After ironing the front and back the side hems are turned in along each side.

A tuck or pocket is sewn to the reverse side for the weight bar.  

The Rowley Company Iron-On Rib tape was used with Iron-On Adhesive Web under the lining to hold it all together at each row of rib tape.  After inserting the plastic ribs the side hems are finished.  Encased lift cord shroud tape is sewn in columns across the back of the shade.  The tape can be tacked above or below the iron on rib tape.  A shade ring is sewn at the bottom of the shade and the cord tied to this ring or a cord adjusting orb can be used.  At the top of the shade the cord will exit the tape is thread into the lift system.

The EZ-Rig Shade Lift System was used with the shade installed directly to the track with hook and loop tape.  The finished shade is bright, cheerful and ready to be installed.



  1. If the hook and loop tape is ironed on lining how does it pick up facing fabric?

  2. Hello,
    The loop tape is sewn to the lip of the welt cord at the top of the shade and then pressed to the hook strip which is on the front of the EZ-Rig track. Thank you.