Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Button Borders

Button Borders are available in two sizes with an inside diameter to fit #60 or #75 button forms, two styles; Beaded and Neo-Classical and three colors; Pewter (left), Theater Antique Gold (right) and Old World Gold (center)
Add a covered button to the center of the Button  Border.  A crimp or snap together button can be used.  In this example, a button was made using the Button Form Clasp with Locking Washer but a sew-on on button can also be used with the Button Borders and sewn or tied to your project.
Adding Fringe Adhesive or Hot Melt Glue will hold the button form snug and in place.  If needed, clamp the button to the border until the glue is dry and then add to your project.
This finished button is used to create a custom detail on a box pleated valance.  This Button Border is shown in the Beaded Style with Old World Gold finish.

Button Borders are custom made and hand painted.  They are available in finishes other than the three stock  colors shown, call 1-800-343-4542 for more information.

Just imagine the design options!  Add padded buttons with borders on headboards and pillows or  as an accent on top treatments and shades.  Create buttons from velvets for a plush look or linen for a cool, crisp design detail.  

A Button Border is used with banding to accent the bottom of  a Roman Shade.  Button Border in this example is the Beaded Style in Theater Antique Gold finish.

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