Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sure-Shade™ Universal Drive Tension Device

When fabricating, selling and installing window treatments with bead or cord loops, a tension device is required in order to comply with the 2010 ANSI safety standards.  Rowley Company has designed a simple, cost effective device that can be used for shades, traversing drapery or any other style driven by a bead or cord loop.

The Sure-Shade™ Universal Drive Tension Device is available in 7 colors, is easy to install and has a slim profile. It includes inside and outside mount brackets, cable tie, instructions and necessary screws.  Stock #CT70/color

Colors: DB=Dark Brown, N=Off White, P=Pecan, G=Grey, B=Beige, W=White, K=Black
The thickness is approximately 1/2 inch
The device is 3 inches long and is shown with the inside mount bracket attached.  A wall mount bracket is also included.
Width of the device is 1 1/8 inches
The device is attached to the bead or cord loop by the workroom or manufacturer.  This is very simple to do, following these steps or you can watch a short video on our website.
1. Pull back on the screw hole, this will lower the gripping teeth inside the devide.  A paper clip can be inserted into the hole if you find this awkward to do.
2. While holding the tension, drop the bead chain loop into the end.
3. Slide the guide into the end with the smooth side next to the bead chain loop.  Release the tension and let the guide snap in place.

To prepare the shade for delivery, pull down on the screw hole, releasing the tension and slide the Universal Drive Tension Device all the way to the top, next to the drive system.  Check to make sure the system will not operate.  Roll up the cord or bead chain loop and secure it to the device by threading the cable tie through the screw hole and cinching the loop to the device.

A Child Safety Warning Tag must be attached to each device (#ANS16) and is sold separately.

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