Monday, February 7, 2011

Great Style with Less Effort; Rowley's EZ-Set™ Grommets

EZ-Set Grommets
Rowley Company offers an exclusive line of EZ-Set Grommets which require one quarter less force to set vs. our regular grommets.  They are available in 6 colors in square and round shapes and work with both the Grommet Press and #12 Cutter and Setter, or with the new Plastic Grommet Setter (shown below).

Antique Brass, Frost Silver, Black, Antique Copper, Matte Nickel and Polished Silver

EZ-Set™ Grommet with Plastic Grommet Setter Step-by-Step:

Mark for grommets in the drapery heading and cut out one hol .

Place the grommet front on top of the setting die base and top with your project (face down).
Place grommet washer over the grommet on the back, with the small teeth facing down.
Place the setting die top into the hole.  Be certain, with square grommets, that the grommet is placed even.
Set the grommet with a hammer, striking the center of the setting die.
You have successfully set a grommet!
Continue cutting holes and setting grommets across the top of the drapery.
The drapery is finished.  Always use an even amount of grommets.  For a single width panel, eight EZ-Set™ grommets are used.
The finished panel is placed on a decorative rod and installed at the window.  Rods with a diameter of less than 1 3/8" diameter can be used with the EZ-Set™ Grommets.

EZ-Set™ Grommets and the Plastic Grommet Setter can be found on page 205 of the 2011 catalog.


  1. Where are these available for retail purchase?

    1. You can purchase EZ-Set grommets at Thank you.

  2. where i can get 2' metal grommets

    1. Our size #15 grommets have a 2" inside diameter.