Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Angled Top, Pleated Panels

Large windows are a challenge but add a sharp angled top and it almost seems like an impossible task!  

We recently received this kind note and photos from one of our recent webinar attendees.  What a beautiful finished drapery on a very large and difficult window.  Thank you Ann for sharing your work with us and for attending our online seminars. You have inspired us! 
Dear Rowley,

Thank you all so much for the very informative webinar you ran last week. (Demystifying Arched Panel Styles) I was in the position of finishing off two such curtains – both over 4 metres/ 12 feet high!
Although I had already figured out the maths for these windows, it was good to gain an insight into the mechanics of other draperies! I had to rely purely on math for mine – my curtain panels were too huge to consider making a template, although I can see how much easier it would be if you have a pattern!
The curtain panels were over 4 metres long and 4 metres wide before pleating, so I had to come up with a whole new method for achieving the result. I used buckram sections for each pleat and relied on a protractor for the 137° angles.  I used 2” Velcro to attach to the back of the curtain heading, which worked really well.
I was very pleased with the result and am looking forward to the opportunity to working on any in the future! I thought you might like to see the photos I took of the work that was fitted yesterday. They were so big, I couldn’t get it all in a photo!
Thank you once again.
Kind Regards,

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