Friday, July 15, 2011

Behind the scenes...

Redecorating a room takes more than sketches, paint, fabric and hanging art.  A lot of work goes on behind the scenes and while the project may look-a-mess for a period of time, the magic happens and the room comes together.  

In our previous posts, you will see that Sarah Gleason,our designer for this project, chose a beautiful black and white print for the windows.  She consulted the workroom professionals here at Rowley Company about drapery and hardware choices.  Two of the options considered were ripplefold panels with a short, upholstered cornice to hide the track or pleated drapery on a wood pole rod rod with rings.  

The final choice: A square routed pole rod with traversing track and decorative Acanthus Leaf finials.  (To see a video of routed poles, click here

Instead of a contemporary Ripplefold heading, a pleated drapery will be used to blend with the traditional elements of the home.  The drapery pleats will sweep across the rod below the wood fascia.  Blackout lining will be used to keep the white background of the fabric from having an orange or yellow tint on sunny days.

After the hardware order was placed with Finestra Decorative Hardware, the talented painting and finishing team got to work on a black, high-gloss finish.

Acanthus Leaf finials #1099 hanging on the drying rack. 
Our projects 2" Square Pole is drying with other custom painted poles.
And while we wait for the paint to dry on the hardware, Sarah and her team are busy painting the walls, ceiling and trim.  Sarah will be recycling some pieces that were already in the home, like this mirror which is getting a fresh coat of paint.
This mirror will be updated with new paint.
For over the dining table, a black crystal chandelier was selected.  Sarah shares why she chose this style of fixture... "the shape of the chandelier is very traditional, like a classic crystal chandelier but in black, it looks super chic". 
Some assembly required!
Sarah is busy working on an abstract painting to use on the wall opposite the window and will be painting the existing mirror over the fireplace while Laurie Medford and Susan Woodcock are crafting the window treatment and slipcovers.

The final reveal of this room make-over, including how-to details of the drapery and slipcover fabrication and installation will take place with a live webinar on August 23rd at 11:00 am EST.  Join Laurie, Susan and Sarah for a fun and informative presentation, including door prizes!  

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