Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Creating a Unique Drapery Track AKA The "Easy" Traverse System

We hope you have enjoyed taking a peek behind-the-scenes as we continue to work on our Glam for the Fam: Dining Room Makeover.  The draperies have been completed.  Before they can be installed, the traversing track needs to be assembled.  This track will fit inside a square-routed pole rod from Finestra Decorative Hardware, which has been painted gloss black.

A baton draw, traversing track was chosen, carriers for drapery pins.  Assembly is unbelievably quick and easy.  The steps and stock numbers are listed below if you would like to try this system for one of your upcoming projects. 

Step One:  Cut the track (#4003) to the size needed and insert the left (#M-500-L) and right (#M-500-R) master carriers into the track, facing each other (so that the arms overlap).  This master carrier allows for the baton to be hidden behind the drapery. 
Step Two: Insert the carriers (#M-578) that you will need into the track.  Remember, the first two pins will go into the master carrier, and the last two pins will go into the end bracket and return to the wall (if your drapery has a return).  The carriers chosen for this project feature micro-ball bearings which will allow easy operation.

The traversing track fits perfectly in the routed pole.  
An allowance has been made for the finial.   
Routed Pole Rod Options

At the window, wall mount brackets will be used.  The bracket will mount under the pole rod and the track snaps into place and is secured by turning the plate on the bracket into the slot on the track.
This is how the rod will appear from the front.  
The carriers have three holes for pin-adjustment.

This system can also be used without the routed pole and also for ceiling mounted traversing draperies.  To see a short video showing how to assemble this traversing system, click here. 

Stay tuned for more updates and plan to attend the live webinar presentation to see the completed room including installation of the decorative drapery hardware.

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