Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Want to make draperies? Why weight?

Drapery weights are one of the little trade secrets of drapery making.
Covered or uncovered weights are slipped into corners and tacked at seams.
Hidden inside the window treatment, most people don't even know that they are there.

What is the purpose of adding weights?

1. When sewing seams the stitching can cause the material to slightly draw-up.  Adding weight at the bottom of the seam helps to keep it neat and flat.

2. The material along the edges of a drapery is double-folded to form side hems which creates take-up and makes the side hem appear slightly shorter.  A weight is added to help compensate for this.

3. Light weight fabrics flare and are difficult to train.  Weights can help to keep the panels hanging straight.  Bead weight chain provides an even weight across the entire hem.

A lead-free weight is tucked into the side hem of a lined drapery.
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There are many weights to choose from in a variety of sizes. Traditionally drapery weights are made of lead but now lead-free weights are available which are safer for your family and eco-friendly.  See Video

Lead-free drapery weight options include 1" x 1" square uncovered (#SW25), larger sized rectangular solid weights (#SW50), vinyl covered with tab (#SW37) and sausage bead weight in 3/32" (#SW79) and 4/32" (#SW80) diameter.  

Attach tab-style lead free covered weights (#SW37) to seams by sewing, stapling or using a tacking gun.
Sausage bead weight is placed in the entire bottom hem of light weight materials to help control flare and provide a better drape and consistent appearance.  In addition to weighting hems in draperies, sausage bead weight makes a perfect micro-welt cord for lightweight or bias-cut valances and swags, creating a beautiful custom detail and a weighted edge all-in-one.

Sausage bead weight is a fabric tube filled with small weighted "beads".

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  1. I was thinking about using these weights when making placemats for use on picnics to prevent flyaway. Are these weights safe to launder?