Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Upholstery Tufting Class in Atlanta

Laurie Medford, Rowley Company's Expert Services Manager and in-house upholstery expert is also an experienced and popular teacher.  On January 26, 2012 Laurie led a hands-on class on the art of deep tufting upholstery for the Designers Workroom Council in Atlanta, GA.

 Attendees brought their own fabric and covered buttons (lots and lots of covered buttons!) and learned step-by-step how to plan the tufting pattern, mark and cut the foam for button placement, and pull "just right" to achieve an even tension with a beautiful deep tufted, diamond pattern.  This technique can be used for upholstered furniture, ottomans, headboards and cornices.

Marking the foam with the diamond tufting pattern
Cutting holes in the foam with the Foam Hole Cutter.
Adding holes to the foam allows space for the fabric and buttons to be pulled down into the padding.
Holes are drilled into the wooden base at the same marks.
The foam is then covered with upholstery batting.
In this photo Laurie Medford is using chair legs to wind off the cord that is used for pulling the buttons.
After enough cord is wound  it is cut through - creating evenly measured pieces for tufting.
Now the fun part!
Pulling buttons through the fabric, to the back of the wood base where the cord is stapled in place.
With practice you  will learn the "feel of it"...  creating  perfect tension and even tufting.
Happy DWC members with their deep tufted upholstery samples!
As you can tell from the photos everyone had a fun day together, learned a lot and left with beautiful samples (and perhaps a few sore fingers).   

Thank you DWC for hosting this event.  If you would like to learn more about the Designers Workroom Council in the Atlanta, Georgia area, click here:  DWC

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